Monday, February 21, 2011

legwarmer series...

something i've posted on facebook but also here.  my favorite thing to dress cora up in are legwarmers.  they're versatile and they add warmth to her legs on those cold days.  especially, if i have to carry her in the ergo to walk to daycare and her pants ride up, her legwarmers will keep the ankles and shins covered.

she likes to make the "watcha talkin' about willis?" face

sporty spice


black swan

woefully neglected!

apologies for ignoring this blog.  many things account for this...

since last fall, i have returned to full-time work as well as being a full-time grad student.  i am taking 2 classes every half quarter lasting 6 weeks then move on to 2 new classes.  so that's 4 classes/quarter.  i aim to complete my M.Ed. program by the end of august.  this is why i am going full bore.  

cora started daycare in sept. which has been great but requires a level of organization that i've never had to deal with up until now.  we try to make sure we get everything in order the night before but that doesn't always work.  also, given the nature of our work as freelance interpreters and part-time staff, each day is something new and a change-up in terms of who drops off and who picks up.  

michael has been working hard as well four days a week and is usually with cora on mondays.  i have been working 5 days because this term i have switched my schedule to summer-fall contract at NU so this spring is all freelance.  it's been busy and i'm very grateful for the amount of work i've been able to get in order for us to save for cora's future.

the snow has been insane since dec.  we were a few of the unlucky stranded passengers on the eastern seaboard dec 26 after visiting my brother's family in yorktown, va.  we managed to get from yorktown to richmond via car (normally a 40 min drive, it took 2 1/2 hrs), then fly out into dulles.  that was a stroke of luck to be able to get to D.C. because we had more travel options then.  after 2 eves of staying in a hotel near dulles in one of those "lifestyle communities" where there is a gap, panera, starbucks, and nary a homeless person or piece of garbage on the street, we decided to screw it and took a 3:30 AM amtrak back to boston.  it was a stressful 10 hr ride but worth it to finally get back home.

for the most part, we have been undeterred about cycling, even in the snow...

michael's green bike

snow trail in the back of house

in fact, riding on the streets has been better than walking on the sidewalks where people don't shovel or put sand on the icy spots.  at least the streets are cleared.  we had experienced warmer temps as of late but that went away quickly.  last thurs was gorgeous and warm, almost 60°F but the next day the temp promptly decreased to 35°F.  a fleeting taste of spring. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

why i can't wait for cake...

michael is the master of making cakes.

there are flag cakes:

chile - to commemorate our friends' return from a trip there

south africa - to commemorate, on her birthday, another friend's trip there. 
note the colored layers

other birthday cakes:

the same friend's 45th birthday.
as there was excess cake, the box on the side was meant to be a speaker.
it may have read "toaster"

artistic - again a friend's birthday. no specific inspiration.

obama - other folks pitched in on this

other occasion cake:

helvetica cake - to commemorate the birth of downstairs neighbor's baby noah.
daddy really appreciated this as a graphic designer.

i'm sure cora's cake will be a doozy!


i've woefully neglected this blog.  there is so much happening this fall.
i have started grad school in a master of ed program at northeastern, where i work.  i anticipate finishing this program next summer so i'm trying to power through it.
cora is now in daycare 3-4 days a week which has been great for her.  she loves the other kids and we even tease her a bit because she sort of has a "boyfriend" another kid named arsalan who is about 18 mos (an older man!).   

yesterday, there was a party of JP moms at the library to celebrate halloween.  we held an indoor tot lot where kids got to play on push toys & crawl/run around everywhere.  we never really thought about getting her a push toy until yesterday when we saw how mobile you can be on one of those.  thus far in our place, she's just used a chair, footstool, small table, etc. to cruise around.

cora the riveter

we got the idea for her costume from a picture my dad had in his house.  we weren't sure if it would read correctly but people got it!  we were also impressed that she managed to keep the kerchief on her head long enough for the full effect.  usually anything that goes on her head is promptly ripped off.

she has been riding the bench seat on the gazelle; big girl now!  since she rides the center, we do have to put bags or padding on either side of her so she doesn't slump.  although, we can proudly say she tends to lean left :) we've used the bugaboo muff to keep her warm.  it works perfectly because it has the slots in the back to thread the seatbelt straps through.  we ride her on the bobike as well but because it's getting colder, we're concerned about her staying warm.  we can't use the carseat muff because the legs rest on either side of the stem so michael is working on some sort of snowsuit looking seat cover to keep her warm while she sits on the bike.  we'll have pics in a follow-up post.

in 2 weeks will be her 1-year birthday.  i cannot believe it was a year ago i was still carrying her, feeling braxton-hicks, and waiting for her to come out.  i can't wait for cake :)  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

no place like home...

at the end of august, went back to my home state, minnesota, and my dad's farm in south dakota.  got to see the fam and enjoy a reunion, amongst other activities.

  outfitted in her cowgirl hat

at the minnesota state fair (the great get-together) enjoying some livestock

in the "fall" of america's nickelodeon store where clearly she's thrilled to be surrounded by dora & spongebob products

tuckered out from all the fun

Friday, August 6, 2010

our girl is growing up!

cora has outgrown the maxi cosi infant car seat.  in fact, i already put it in storage.

this means that she can no longer ride on the gazelle cabby until she gets taller and bigger. the bench seat's restraint system in the cabby is simply too big & difficult to handle for a baby who still needs to increase her torso & head/neck strength.  so to cover the period between now and when she is big enough to ride in the cabby, we've gotten a bobike mini which is perfect to fit on the front of daddy's bike.  it's the perfect size for her and still sits in front where we can keep an eye on her at all times.

hands clasped (usual posture)

michael took her out for a test ride last week and all systems were go.  given that we still have a good few months before the weather gets colder, this is the perfect time to have her perching on the bobike.

its minimalist design is perfect because now we don't have to worry about pulling the cumbersome (yet awesome) cabby out of the basement every time we want to to take her for a ride.  however, this does mean we have to do more baby carrying when off bike, no stroller or car seat to have her lounge around in.  also there is a very specific sequence one must follow in order to mount or dismount with her.

i will test it on my bike soon but given that my frame is smaller it may be more of a challenge for me to ride with it.  or i'll just have to get used to having my knees splayed out to the side when i'm pedaling.  i'm sure that'll be totally comfortable.  all in the service of baby biking.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


C and I had the chance to sail on the Charles River yesterday. I measured C and she is just barely under the maximum height for this car seat so there will have to move her to the bobike shortly. I won't be able to put her back in the Gazelle until she is one year old. But the weather was so nice yesterday there was no way I was going to take the subway!

Here she is just as we are leaving for the river.

Lifejackets: check.

Leon offered to take us out as he is a member of Community Boating. The red flag behind him indicates gusty winds.

Katie, one of the Community Boating instructors, and C hit it off.

Leon's Gloucestermen inpression.

Looking toward the Cambridge side at the MIT Green building.

C looking nonplussed.

Looking toward the Boston side.

Leon kept us afloat through the shifty, gusty wind. C was laid-back as usual -almost right up until we docked. After the sailing, the three of us ducked into the Sevens for a pint. Well, Leon and I had the pint, C had some baby food.

We rode home along the esplanade to the pedestrian overpass by BU school of ed even though there are faster routes to Jamaica Plain. I wanted to enjoy the ride home.

I got to see parts of the esplanade I don't normally see.

And I caught a glimpse of the illusive Longwood area turkeys near the Longwood T stop.