Tuesday, April 27, 2010


we have started Cora on some solids.  our pediatrician said we should introduce veg before fruits so she can develop a taste for it, as fruits are sweet, tasty, and easy for the kiddies.  he said we could also do cereals without wheat.

at first, i thought i should just use the cream of wheat that i have but then realized - duh! - it has wheat.  i bought some cereal that i thought Cora would like but after reading the box more carefully, argh! it had wheat.  i switched over to oatmeal because a friend told me that  her kid liked it a lot and it seemed more nourishing and easier to digest than rice cereal.   i ground up some adult oatmeal in the cuisinart and fed that to her; she seemed to enjoy that.  then i realized that i should buy baby oatmeal because it is fortified with iron and our doc said to make sure the cereal has iron.

veg is another story.  she seems to love it.  so far she has eaten peas, peas & brown rice, and green beans.  i think she is ready to add sweet potatoes to her repertoire.  she especially likes gnawing on the spoon.

it looks like she's not enjoying herself but it's all a ruse

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