Saturday, May 1, 2010

Missing Critical Mass

I had this ridiculous idea that I would bring C to Critical Mass in the Gazelle. I got home from work and put her in the car seat and headed out. The first part of the ride down the Southwest Corridor was fine, but once we got to Columbus ave we were confronted with Northeastern move-in weekend traffic, in addition to all the normal Friday afternoon cutthroat Roxbury/ South End traffic. I had to turn around and head back. It was just not safe out there.

So, instead, Lucy and C and I went to Bella Luna. We were fortunate enough to get a table on the patio. And I even met some Dutch folks who were admiring the Gazelle. The told me they had not seen one before, but were very familiar with the plywood bakfiets.

I miss the old Bella Luna location (in addition to missing Zon's). The new space is nice and the patio is awesome but it feels so corporate now and the food quality has declined in my opinion. I think we still need more restaurants in JP. While I was somewhat sad to hear that Alchemist is closing, I was also psyched that the owners of Coda in the South End will be opening up a new restaurant in what is now Alchemist. I can only hope it will really take off and Hyde Square will come back to life.

But I do appreciate that Bella Luna is so close to the bike path and to DP's house. After C falls asleep, the ride home is short.

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