Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kidical Mass ride report

We did make it to the North Cambridge Kidical Mass organized by car free cambridge. I would say there was at least a couple dozen folks there with kids on all kinds of bikes. Many trailers, bobikes, xtracycles and a couple bakfiets. There was a brief safety shpiel to make sure all were outfitted with helmets and observed traffic laws.

Big thanks to Cambridge Police Department. There were (I think) four bike cops who volunteered their time to escort the group. They corked the intersections for us!

Here are Lucy and Cora just before the rideout.

We met the other Gazelle Cabby owners, Tracy and Sue who live in North Cambridge. We have now met both of the other Cabby owners in Boston (I believe there are only three of us). The other one belongs to photographer Nick Nixon.

The ride was SO slow which was the perfect speed for a ride on a 94 degree day. Any faster would have been too much. We outfitted Cora with a little fan.

Near Alewife station.

Very shaky cell phone video. Please enjoy the Van Morrison as long as youtube doesn't disable it.

Lucy and Cora post ride.

A sweet red Joebike. The owner told me she had the box handmade in Maine and affixed it to the Joebike frame.

Post-ride snacks were provided. The whole thing was very well organized and fun! I can't wait to plan one for Jamaica Plain. Luke and Lauren and Rowan joined us later. Rowan and Cora took a nap at grandma's house while the four grown-ups went out for brunch.

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  1. Yay! We were so happy to meet you at the ride. The photos are great and that video was fun!