Tuesday, July 27, 2010


C and I had the chance to sail on the Charles River yesterday. I measured C and she is just barely under the maximum height for this car seat so there will have to move her to the bobike shortly. I won't be able to put her back in the Gazelle until she is one year old. But the weather was so nice yesterday there was no way I was going to take the subway!

Here she is just as we are leaving for the river.

Lifejackets: check.

Leon offered to take us out as he is a member of Community Boating. The red flag behind him indicates gusty winds.

Katie, one of the Community Boating instructors, and C hit it off.

Leon's Gloucestermen inpression.

Looking toward the Cambridge side at the MIT Green building.

C looking nonplussed.

Looking toward the Boston side.

Leon kept us afloat through the shifty, gusty wind. C was laid-back as usual -almost right up until we docked. After the sailing, the three of us ducked into the Sevens for a pint. Well, Leon and I had the pint, C had some baby food.

We rode home along the esplanade to the pedestrian overpass by BU school of ed even though there are faster routes to Jamaica Plain. I wanted to enjoy the ride home.

I got to see parts of the esplanade I don't normally see.

And I caught a glimpse of the illusive Longwood area turkeys near the Longwood T stop.

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  1. Great pictures. You're becoming a real pro.