Friday, August 6, 2010

our girl is growing up!

cora has outgrown the maxi cosi infant car seat.  in fact, i already put it in storage.

this means that she can no longer ride on the gazelle cabby until she gets taller and bigger. the bench seat's restraint system in the cabby is simply too big & difficult to handle for a baby who still needs to increase her torso & head/neck strength.  so to cover the period between now and when she is big enough to ride in the cabby, we've gotten a bobike mini which is perfect to fit on the front of daddy's bike.  it's the perfect size for her and still sits in front where we can keep an eye on her at all times.

hands clasped (usual posture)

michael took her out for a test ride last week and all systems were go.  given that we still have a good few months before the weather gets colder, this is the perfect time to have her perching on the bobike.

its minimalist design is perfect because now we don't have to worry about pulling the cumbersome (yet awesome) cabby out of the basement every time we want to to take her for a ride.  however, this does mean we have to do more baby carrying when off bike, no stroller or car seat to have her lounge around in.  also there is a very specific sequence one must follow in order to mount or dismount with her.

i will test it on my bike soon but given that my frame is smaller it may be more of a challenge for me to ride with it.  or i'll just have to get used to having my knees splayed out to the side when i'm pedaling.  i'm sure that'll be totally comfortable.  all in the service of baby biking.

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