Sunday, October 31, 2010


i've woefully neglected this blog.  there is so much happening this fall.
i have started grad school in a master of ed program at northeastern, where i work.  i anticipate finishing this program next summer so i'm trying to power through it.
cora is now in daycare 3-4 days a week which has been great for her.  she loves the other kids and we even tease her a bit because she sort of has a "boyfriend" another kid named arsalan who is about 18 mos (an older man!).   

yesterday, there was a party of JP moms at the library to celebrate halloween.  we held an indoor tot lot where kids got to play on push toys & crawl/run around everywhere.  we never really thought about getting her a push toy until yesterday when we saw how mobile you can be on one of those.  thus far in our place, she's just used a chair, footstool, small table, etc. to cruise around.

cora the riveter

we got the idea for her costume from a picture my dad had in his house.  we weren't sure if it would read correctly but people got it!  we were also impressed that she managed to keep the kerchief on her head long enough for the full effect.  usually anything that goes on her head is promptly ripped off.

she has been riding the bench seat on the gazelle; big girl now!  since she rides the center, we do have to put bags or padding on either side of her so she doesn't slump.  although, we can proudly say she tends to lean left :) we've used the bugaboo muff to keep her warm.  it works perfectly because it has the slots in the back to thread the seatbelt straps through.  we ride her on the bobike as well but because it's getting colder, we're concerned about her staying warm.  we can't use the carseat muff because the legs rest on either side of the stem so michael is working on some sort of snowsuit looking seat cover to keep her warm while she sits on the bike.  we'll have pics in a follow-up post.

in 2 weeks will be her 1-year birthday.  i cannot believe it was a year ago i was still carrying her, feeling braxton-hicks, and waiting for her to come out.  i can't wait for cake :)  

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  1. Dear Lucy and Michael,
    Cora the riveter is a character! She looks gorgeous in her outfit, and so proud of it.
    I love to see the pics of the babies. Keep posting!
    Btw, does she say 'ba-ba' yet? LOL
    Much love, and many kisses to Cora,