Monday, February 21, 2011

woefully neglected!

apologies for ignoring this blog.  many things account for this...

since last fall, i have returned to full-time work as well as being a full-time grad student.  i am taking 2 classes every half quarter lasting 6 weeks then move on to 2 new classes.  so that's 4 classes/quarter.  i aim to complete my M.Ed. program by the end of august.  this is why i am going full bore.  

cora started daycare in sept. which has been great but requires a level of organization that i've never had to deal with up until now.  we try to make sure we get everything in order the night before but that doesn't always work.  also, given the nature of our work as freelance interpreters and part-time staff, each day is something new and a change-up in terms of who drops off and who picks up.  

michael has been working hard as well four days a week and is usually with cora on mondays.  i have been working 5 days because this term i have switched my schedule to summer-fall contract at NU so this spring is all freelance.  it's been busy and i'm very grateful for the amount of work i've been able to get in order for us to save for cora's future.

the snow has been insane since dec.  we were a few of the unlucky stranded passengers on the eastern seaboard dec 26 after visiting my brother's family in yorktown, va.  we managed to get from yorktown to richmond via car (normally a 40 min drive, it took 2 1/2 hrs), then fly out into dulles.  that was a stroke of luck to be able to get to D.C. because we had more travel options then.  after 2 eves of staying in a hotel near dulles in one of those "lifestyle communities" where there is a gap, panera, starbucks, and nary a homeless person or piece of garbage on the street, we decided to screw it and took a 3:30 AM amtrak back to boston.  it was a stressful 10 hr ride but worth it to finally get back home.

for the most part, we have been undeterred about cycling, even in the snow...

michael's green bike

snow trail in the back of house

in fact, riding on the streets has been better than walking on the sidewalks where people don't shovel or put sand on the icy spots.  at least the streets are cleared.  we had experienced warmer temps as of late but that went away quickly.  last thurs was gorgeous and warm, almost 60°F but the next day the temp promptly decreased to 35°F.  a fleeting taste of spring. 

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